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Montague Ewing, aka Sherman Myers

Montague Ewing ( 21 May 1890 - 4 March 1957, died in London) Ewing was a British composer and arranger of light music, much which was used in films and broadcasting. Montague Ewing (who used several pen names) was a productive songwriter whose works include a great many film tunes published by Sam Fox: "The Motley Fool," "Stealthy Whispers," "The Village Idiot," among many others. He also wrote many Spanish songs. One of his most popular hits was Moonlight on the Ganges published under the pen name Sherman Myers in 1926 with lyrics written by Henry Tilsley...
Hear more about his life and music in the Concert Cameo audio below...

VIDEO: Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra - Moonlight On The Ganges (Ch. Wallace / S.Meyers) , Victor 1926


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