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Ronald Binge (15 July 1910 – 6 September 1979) was a British composer and arranger of light music

Ronald Binge arranged many of Mantovani's most famous pieces before composing his own music that included Elizabethan Serenade and Sailing By. After the end of the war, Mantovani offered Binge the job of arranging and composing for his new orchestra. In 1951, his arrangement of "Charmaine" gave him and Mantovani worldwide success and recognition. However, he later tired of writing arrangements and turned to composing original works and film scores. He died in Ringwood, Hampshire, of liver cancer in 1979. Binge's best-known composition is probably Elizabethan Serenade (1951), which was used by the British Broadcasting Corporation as the theme for the popular 1950s series, "Music Tapestry," and as the play-out for the British Forces Network radio station, and for which he won an Ivor Novello Award. It was later turned into a vocal version called Where the Gentle Avon Flows, with lyrics by the poet Christopher Hassall. A reggae version of the tune, "Elizabethan Reggae", was performed by Boris Gardiner in 1970. Binge is also known for Sailing By (1963), which introduces the late-night Shipping Forecast on BBC Radio 4. WIKIPEDIA VIDEOS: Track one from the brilliant album-'Ronald Binge and his Romantic Strings' ( If you were the only Girl in the World). it was coupled by the wonderful 'Vocalion' label in 2001-with Ronald Binges other excellent 70's vinyl LP.'Summer Rain'. which covers many favourite songs from that and other periods--you'll know them all.--Superb listening, and still down loadable.

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