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Robert Docker (5 June 1918 – 9 May 1992) was an English composer, of light music compositions.

The son of a Paddington gas worker, Robert Docker was educated at North Paddington Central School, and with the aid of a London County Council Scholarship was able to study viola, piano and composition at the Royal Academy of Music. During World War II, he was a sergeant in the King's Royal Rifle Corps stationed in Northumberland. He was later married to the viola player Meryl Unsworth and in later life resided in Suffolk. He was particularly noted for his orchestral arrangements. His first was broadcast in 1936 and his arrangements of popular tunes were regularly heard on BBC radio programmes such as Friday Night is Music Night (where for many years he orchestrated music for Sidney Torch) and Melodies For You. He was widely associated with the BBC Concert Orchestra and in 1990, the BBC broadcast two one-hour programmes entitled The Musical World of Robert Docker. WIKIPEDIA VIDEO: Forgotten Brass: Cornet Cascade - Robert Docker Forgotten Brass: Cornet Cascade - Robert Docker / Massed Bands conducted by Geoffrey Brand. Massed Bands: Black Dyke Mills Band, the Fairey Band, G.U.S (Footwear), Yorkshire Imperial Metals Band. This was a first performance, and also the composer's first original work for brass band. Designed as a cornet trio, this performance features no less than twelve players. Recorded at the Royal Albert Hall, London, 1972.

Otto Cesana (July 7, 1899 - December 1, 1980)

Otto Cesana was born in Brescia Provincia di Brescia Lombardia, Italy Passed away in Bronx County New York, USA on December 1, 1980. Full Cesana biography

Cesana arranged and orchestrated music for network radio, the screen and the Radio City Music Hall in New York, and conducted a noted 1941 Town Hall concert of his own works. Noted Brazilian music critic José Domingos Raffaelli feels the composer should be associated with lighter forms of music, writing " my opinion easy listening music is the kind of music played by the string orchestras of Mantovani, David Rose, Peter Yorke, and others." Cesana began his study of the piano in 1909. One fact beyond dispute is that the man liked to learn; he had many teachers and became adept at organ, orchestration, and harmony. He turned out compositions and arrangements for radio stations and the Hollywood film studios and began premiering his original works in the early '40s at prestigious venues such as New York City's Town Hall., Cesana was contracted by Columbia alongside company such as Ray Conniff. ---notes from biography by Eugene Chadbourne. 

 VIDEO: Otto Cesana - Ecstasy Full Album GMB

Percy Aldridge Grainger (8 July 1882 – 20 February 1961) was an Australian-born composer, arranger and pianist.

In the course of a long and innovative career Percy Grainger played a prominent role in the revival of interest in British folk music in the early years of the 20th century. He also made many adaptations of other composers' works. Although much of his work was experimental and unusual, the piece with which he is most generally associated is his piano arrangement of the folk-dance tune "Country Gardens".


 VIDEO: 1999 biopic examining the life and career of the Australian-born musician best known as a concert pianist, arranger of folk tunes (e.g. Country Gardens, Brigg Fair) and his often bizarre musical inventions. He is lesser known as a self-flagellant with controversial sexual mores. His mother Rose is played by Barbara Hershey.

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