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Fredric Bayco (1913 – 1970)

Bayco best known for his Tudor pastiche "Elizabethan Masque". Born in London, he attended Brighton School of Music, where he attained an ARCO. He was later made a fellow of the Royal College of Organists (FRCO). Other pieces include "Lady Beautiful", and his marches "Royal Windsor" and "Marche Militaire". Like many composers of the light music genre, he contributed a number of pieces to music libraries, and as a result his pieces "Inferno" and "Finger of Fear" have ended up being frequently used in programmes such as the Ren and Stimpy Show. Many of his KPM library compositions have a historical or martial feel, for example the mock-heroic "Joust" Other pieces appear to have unusual titles, for example "Bear in a Buggy".
WIKIPEDIA VIDEO: Frederic Bayco playing a "Spanish Medley" on the Compton Theatre Organ of the Dominion Theatre Tottenham Court Road London. Mr. Bayco was principal organist for the Gaumont British Picture Corporation during the thirties and left the Dominion to open many of the company's Compton installations.

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